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11KW / 15KW Variable Frequency Inverter For Single Phase Motor TD2000 TD2100

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11KW / 15KW Variable Frequency Inverter For Single Phase Motor TD2000 TD2100

Large Image :  11KW / 15KW Variable Frequency Inverter For Single Phase Motor TD2000 TD2100

Product Details:

Place of Origin: UK
Brand Name: Emerson
Certification: CE
Model Number: TD2000

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 600 USD
Packaging Details: New Original Box
Delivery Time: In Stock
Payment Terms: T/T / Paypal
Supply Ability: 50
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Frequency Inverter Model: TD2000
Output Power: 5.5KW / 7.5KW / 11KW / 15KW Type: DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Application: Motor Drive
High Light:

variable frequency converter


vfd frequency converter


Emerson Variable Frequency Inverter TD2000 5.5KW / 7.5KW / 11KW / 15KW




Main Models of Variable Frequency Inverter TD2100:



TD2100-4T0055S 5.5KW

TD2100-4T0075S 7.5KW

TD2100-4T0110S 11KW

TD2100-4T0150S 15KW

TD2100-4T0185S 18.5KW

TD2100-4T0220S 22KW

TD2100-4T0300S 30KW

TD2100-4T0370S 37KW

TD2100-4T0450S 45KW

TD2100-4T0550S 55KW

TD2100-4T0750S 75KW




The Parts of Emerson Variable Frequency Inverter and others



Part I.



1.  TD900 Series (Single Phase)



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180100 TD900-2S0004G TD900 0.4KW
1180099 TD900-2S0007G TD900 0.75KW
1180102 TD900-2T0015G TD900 1.5KW
1180103 TD900-2T0022G TD900 2.2KW



2.  TD900 Series (Three Phase)



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180104 TD900-4T0007G TD900 0.75KW
1180101 TD900-4T0015G TD900 1.5KW
1180105 TD900-4T0022G TD900 2.2KW



3.  EV1000 Series (Single Phase)


Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180173 EV1000-2S0004G EV1000 0.4KW
1180174 EV1000-2S0007G EV1000 0.75KW
1180126 EV1000-2S0015G EV1000 1.5KW
1180131 EV1000-2S0022G EV1000 2.2KW

4.  EV1000G Series (Three Phase)



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180125 EV1000-4T0007G EV1000 0.75KW
1180124 EV1000-4T0015G EV1000 1.5KW
1180123 EV1000-4T0022G EV1000 2.2KW
1180127 EV1000-4T0037G EV1000 3.7KW
1180129 EV1000-4T0055G EV1000 5.5KW



5.  EV1000P Series (Three Phase)



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180128 EV1000-4T0037P EV1000 3.7KW
1180130 EV1000-4T0055P EV1000 5.5KW

6.  EV2000 Series


Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180108 EV2000-4T0055G EV2000 5.5KW
1180112 EV2000-4T0075G EV2000 7.5KW
1180115 EV2000-4T0110G EV2000 11KW
1180116 EV2000-4T0150G EV2000 15KW
1180117 EV2000-4T0185G EV2000 18.5KW
1180118 EV2000-4T0220G EV2000 22KW
1180119 EV2000-4T0300G EV2000 30KW
1180120 EV2000-4T0370G EV2000 37KW
1180121 EV2000-4T0450G EV2000 45KW
1180097 EV2000-4T0550G EV2000 55KW
1180111 EV2000-4T0750G EV2000 75KW
1180110 EV2000-4T0900G EV2000 90KW
1180156 EV2000-4T1100G EV2000 110KW
1180157 EV2000-4T1320G EV2000 132KW
1180138 EV2000-4T1600G EV2000 160KW
1180132 EV2000-4T2000G EV2000 200KW
1180133 EV2000-4T2200G EV2000 220KW
1180098 EV2000-4T0750P EV2000 75KW
1180109 EV2000-4T0900P EV2000 90KW
1180122 EV2000-4T1100P EV2000 110KW
1180158 EV2000-4T1320P EV2000 132KW
1180139 EV2000-4T1600P EV2000 160KW
1180140 EV2000-4T2000P EV2000 200KW
1180134 EV2000-4T2200P EV2000 220KW
1180135 EV2000-4T2800P EV2000 280KW

7.  TD2100 Series


Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180054 TD2100-4T0055S TD2100 5.5KW
1180045 TD2100-4T0075S TD2100 7.5KW
1180057 TD2100-4T0110S TD2100 11KW
1180046 TD2100-4T0150S TD2100 15KW
1180058 TD2100-4T0185S TD2100 18.5KW
1180055 TD2100-4T0220S TD2100 22KW
1180059 TD2100-4T0300S TD2100 30KW
1180047 TD2100-4T0370S TD2100 37KW
1180060 TD2100-4T0450S TD2100 45KW
1180056 TD2100-4T0550S TD2100 55KW
1180061 TD2100-4T0750S TD2100 75KW


8.  TD3000 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180106  TD3000-4T0022G TD3000  2.2KW
1180107 TD3000-4T0037G  TD3000 3.7KW
1180077  TD3000-4T0055G TD3000  5.5KW
1180078 TD3000-4T0075G  TD3000 7.5KW
1180075  TD3000-4T0110G TD3000  11KW
1180074 TD3000-4T0150G TD3000 15KW
1180136  TD3000-4T0185G TD3000 18.5KW
1180073 TD3000-4T0220G TD3000 22KW
1180079 TD3000-4T0300G TD3000 30KW
1180080 TD3000-4T0370G TD3000 37KW
1180084 TD3000-4T0450G  TD3000 45KW
1180085 TD3000-4T0550G TD3000 55KW
1180086 TD3000-4T0750G TD3000 75KW
1180087 TD3000-4T0900G TD3000 90KW
1180088 TD3000-4T1100G TD3000 110KW
1180089 TD3000-4T1320G TD3000 132KW
1180090 TD3000-4T1600G TD3000 160KW

9.  TD3300 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1 TD3300-4T0022G TD3300 2.2KW
2 TD3300-4T0037G TD3300 3.7KW
3 TD3300-4T0055G TD3300 5.5KW
4 TD3300-4T0075G TD3300 7.5KW
5 TD3300-4T0110G TD3300 11KW
6 TD3300-4T0150G TD3300 15KW
7 TD3300-4T0185G TD3300 18.5KW
8 TD3300-4T0220G TD3300 22KW
9 TD3300-4T0300G TD3300 30KW
10 TD3300-4T0370G TD3300 37KW
11 TD3300-4T0450G TD3300 45KW
12 TD3300-4T0550G TD3300 55KW
13 TD3300-4T0750G TD3300 75KW

10.  TD3100 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180081 TD3100-4T0075E TD3100 7.5KW
1180071 TD3100-4T0110E TD3100 11KW
1180070 TD3100-4T0150E TD3100 15KW
1180137 TD3100-4T0185E TD3100 18.5KW
1180072 TD3100-4T0220E TD3100 22KW
1180082 TD3100-4T0300E TD3100 30KW

11.  EV3100 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180169 EV3100-4T0055E EV3100 5.5KW
1180170 EV3100-4T0075E EV3100 7.5KW
1180171 EV3100-4T0110E EV3100 11KW
1180172 EV3100-4T0150E EV3100 15KW
1180173 EV3100-4T0185E EV3100 18.5KW
1180174 EV3100-4T0220E EV3100 22KW
1180175 EV3100-4T0300E EV3100 30KW

12.  TD3200 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180114 TD3200-2S0002D TD3200 0.2KW
1180113 TD3200-2S0004D TD3200 0.4KW

13.  TD3400 Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180185 TD3400-4T0075J TD3400 7.5KW
1180184 TD3400-4T0110J TD3400 11KW
1180183 TD3400-4T0150J TD3400 15KW
1180182 TD3400-4T0185J TD3400 18.5KW
1180165 TD3400-4T0220J TD3400 22KW
1180180 TD3400-4T0300J TD3400 30KW
1180181 TD3400-4T0370J TD3400 37KW
1180179 TD3400-4T0450J TD3400 45KW
1180178 TD3400-4T0550J TD3400 55KW
1180177 TD3400-4T0750J TD3400 75KW

14.  EV800  Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180186 EV800-2S0002G EV800 0.25KW
1180187 EV800-2S0004G EV800 0.37KW
1180188 EV800-2S0005G EV800 0.55KW
1180189 EV800-2S0007G EV800 0.75KW
1180190 EV800-2D0011G EV800 1.1KW
1180191 EV800-2D0015G EV800 1.5KW
1180200 EV800-2D0022G EV800 2.2KW
1180192 EV800-4T0004G EV800 0.37KW
1180193 EV800-4T0005G EV800 0.55KW
1180194 EV800-4T0007G EV800 0.75KW
1180195 EV800-4T0011G EV800 1.1KW
1180196 EV800-4T0015G EV800 1.5KW
1180197 EV800-4T0022G EV800 2.2KW
1180198 EV800-4T0030G EV800 3KW
1180199 EV800-4T0037G EV800 4KW



15.  ES Series



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
1180141 ES2402 ES 7.5KW
1180142 ES2403 ES 11KW
1180143 ES3401 ES 15KW
1180144 ES3402 ES 18.5KW
1180145 ES3403 ES 22KW
2350202 SM-I/O Plus ES SM-I/O Plus
2350182 ES-FCA01 ES ENC div async
2350183 ES-FCS01 ES ENC div sync



Part II.

1.  Braking Unit



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
2310685 TDB-4C01-0150 Braking Unit 11KW / 15KW
2310686 TDB-4C01-0300 Braking Unit 18.5KW  / 22KW / 30KW
2310718 TDB-4C01-0550 Braking Unit 37KW / 45KW / 55KW

2.  Brake Resistance



Item Model Product Series Power (KW)
2310736 TDB-R01-0015-0400 Brake Resistance 11KW / 15KW
2310737 TDB-R01-0030-0200 Brake Resistance 18.5KW / 22KW / 30KW
2310738 TDB-R01-0050-0100 Brake Resistance 37KW / 45KW / 55KW

3.  LCD Operation Panel



Item Model Product Name Application
2230804 TDP-LCD01 LCD Operation Panel For TD2000 Series
2231391 TDP-LCD02 LCD Operation Panel For TD2100 Series
2350001 TDP-LCD03 LCD Operation Panel For EV2000Series
2231632 F34M2GZ1 LCD Operation Panel For TD3000Series
2231633 F34M2EZ1 LCD Operation Panel For TD3100 Series

4.  LED Keyboard Panel



Item Model Product Name Application
2232734 TDP-LED02 LED Keyboard For TD900 Series
2232725 TDP-LED03 LED Keyboard For TD900 Series
2231578 F24F1GZ1 LED Keyboard For TD1000 Series
2230805 F1452GZ1 LED Keyboard For TD2000 Series
2231384 F1472SZ1 LED Keyboard For TD2100 Series
2232830 F1A452GZ1 LED Keyboard For EV2000 Series


5.  Cable


Item Model Product Name Length
4048003 TDC-CB0006A Cable 0.6M
4029244 TDC-CB0015A Cable 1.5M
4029243 TDC-CB0030A Cable 3M
63200049 TDF-KB01 Keyboard Base Keyboard Base


Note:They are used for TD900 / TD100 Series



Item Model Product Name Length
4029072 TDC-CB0015 Cable 1.5M
4029071 TDC-CB0030 Cable 3M
21200648 TDF-KB02 Keyboard Base Keyboard Base


Note:They are used for TD2000 / TD2100 / TD3000 / TD3100 Series



6.  Profibus Bus Adapter



Item Model Product Name Description
2310973 TDS-PA01 Profibus Bus Adapter Profibus Bus Adapter


7.  Remote Display Box



Item Model Product Name Description
2310899 TDO-RC02 Remote Display Box Remote Display Box
4028672 FRC21W1 Remote Display Box 3M
4029238 FRC21W2 Remote Display Box 30M


8.  EV3500 Series 

EV3500-551A    Current:551A    EV3500-4T3150P
EV3500-637A    Current:552A    EV3500-4T3550P
EV3500-672A    Current:553A    EV3500-4T4000P
EV3500-827A    Current:554A    EV3500-4T4500P
EV3500-955A    Current:555A    EV3500-4T5600P





WTL is not liable for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of this equipment. It is
buyer's responsibility as to the safe handling & operation of this equipment and to verify equipment is
compliance to their machinery.



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