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CE Redundant Power Supply Module Emerson DeltaV KJ3007X1-BA1 12P2062X072 VE4014

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CE Redundant Power Supply Module Emerson DeltaV KJ3007X1-BA1 12P2062X072 VE4014

Large Image :  CE Redundant Power Supply Module Emerson DeltaV KJ3007X1-BA1 12P2062X072 VE4014

Product Details:

Place of Origin: U.S.A / Thailand / UK
Brand Name: Emerson
Certification: CE
Model Number: KJ3007X1-BA1

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Contact us
Packaging Details: New Original Box
Delivery Time: 2-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T / Paypal
Supply Ability: 50
Detailed Product Description
Model: KJ3007X1-BA1 MODEL: VE4014
PN: 12P2062X072 LocalBus Power Rating: 12 VDC At 600 MA
Field Circuit Power Per Card: None Ambient Temperature: 0 To 55℃
High Light:

analog interface module


plc power supply module

Power Supply Emerson DeltaV Redundant Module KJ3006X1-BA1 VE4015 12P2180X072
Redundant Power Supply Module


Power Specifications
LocalBus power rating 12 VDC at 600 mA
Field circuit power per card



Environmental Specifications


Ambient Temperature
0 to 55℃
Shock 10g ½ Sinewave for 11 msec
1mm Peak to Peak from 5 to 16Hz;
0.5g from 16 to 150Hz
Airborne Contaminants
ISA-S71.04 –1985 Airborne
Contaminants Class G3
Relative Humidity
5 to 95% Non-Condensing IP 20 Rating
Terminal block key position



Description of e ui ment:
Power supply for built in use, supplied by mains and providing galvanically isolated d.c. output.
Revision 1: Re-evaluation according to EN 60079:2009 and EN 60079-15:2010
Electrical data:
Input: 100-240Vac; 50-60Hz; 1,4-0,65A
Output: 24-28Vdc; 5-4,5A
Input: 100-240Vac; 50-60Hz; 2,1-0,9A
Output: 12-15Vdc; 15-12A
Input: 100-240Vac; 50-60Hz; 2,8-1,2A
Output: 24-28Vdc; 10-9A
Input: 100-240Vac; 50-60Hz; 5,4-2,4A
Output: 24-28Vdc; 20-17, lA


DeltaV Redundant Power Supply Module Models:

KJ3005X1-BA1 12P2047X022

ASi Actuator Sensor

KJ3006X1-BA1 VE4015 12P2180X072

Pulse Multifunction I/O CARD

KJ3002X1-BE1 12P0682X042 VE4005S2B2

Analog Output 8-Channel 4-20mA HART Card

KJ3002X1-BG1 VE4003S5B1 12P1731X012

Thermocouple mV CARD

KJ3001X1-CB1 VE4002S1T2B5 12P1985X032

DO 32-Channel 24 VDC High-Side Card

KJ3002X1-BA1 VE4003S2 12P0680X122

Analog Input 8 Channel 4-20mA HART Card

KJ3001X1-BH1 VE4002S2T1 12P0558X152

DO 8-Ch 120/230 VAC Isolated

KJ3001X1-BJ1 VE4002S1T2B2 12P0555X122

DO 8-Channel 24 VDC High Side Card

KJ1501X1-BC1 VE5008 12P2186X012

System Dual DC Power Supply (DC/DC)

KJ1501X1-BA2 VE5001 12P0677X062

AC/DC System Power Supply

KJ3001X1-BH1 VE4002S2T1 12P0558X152

DO 8-Ch 120/230 VAC Isolated

KJ3001X1-BD1 VE4001S3T2B2 12P0552X122

Discrete Input 120VAC DRY CONTACT

KJ3001X1-BG1 VE4002S1T1 12P0557X152

DO 8-Channel 24 VDC Isolated Card

KJ4002X1-BB1 VE4055S2C0 12P1728X042

Right 8 Wide Vertical Carrier



KJ4002X1-BE1 12P4048X012

Top Extender Cable

KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012

Bottom Extender Cable

KJ4003X1-BE1 12P3839X022

Vertical Left Side Extender

KJ4003X1-BF1 12P3839X022

Vertical Left Side Extender

KJ4005X1-BA1 SE3051C0 12P4683


KJ4010X1-BF1 12P0831X042

Local Bus Left Extension

KJ4010X1-BG1 12P0830X042

Local Bus Right Extension

KJ4101X1-BA1 12P1870X012

IS 8 Wide Carrier

KJ4101X1-BB1 12P1871


KJ4101X1-BC1 12P1872X012

IS Power Supply Carrier

KJ4110X1-CA1 12P1873X012

IS Extender Right-hand CARRIER

KJ4110X1-CB1 12P1874X012

IS Extender Right-hand CARRIER

KL2101X1-BA1 12P4987X062

Charm I/O CARD

KL3002X1-BA1 12P4627X052

DO 24 VDC High-Side

KL3003X1-BA1 12P4632X082

DI 24 VDC Dry Contact

KL3021X1-BA1 12P4628X062

AI 4-20 mA HART

KL3022X1-BA1 12P4629X042

AO 4-20 mA HART

KL4101X1-BA1 12P4989


KL4201X1-BA1 SE4601T07 12P4986X052

Charm Base plate

KL4502X1-BA1 12P4990X042

Charm Terminal

KJ4001X1-GG1 12P1812X022

Thermocouple Terminal Block

KJ4001X1-HB1 12P0830X072

Local Bus Right Extender

KJ4002X1-BA1 VE4055S1C0 12P1727X042

Left 8 Wide Vertical Carrier

KJ4001X1-CC1 12P0733X032

4 Wire TX Terminal Block

KJ1501X1-BK1 SE5009 12P4685

System Power Supply 24 DC/DC

KJ1700X1-BA1 VE6006 12P1710X012

Media Converter

KJ1710X1-BA1 VE6019 12P3305X

Single Port Fiber Switch

KJ3001X1-BK1 VE4002S2T2 12P0556X142

DO 8-Channel 120/230 VAC High Side

KJ3001X1-CA1 VE4001S2T2B4 12P1980X042

DI 32-Channel 24 VDC Dry Contact Card

KJ3002X1-BB1 12P0683X072


KJ3002X1-BC1 VE4003S1B2 12P0681X072

Analog Input Module Final Assy 4-20mA Card

KJ3003X1-BA1 12P0914


KJ3003X1-EA1 12P0921X032

Interface Terminal Block

KJ3007X1-BA1 12P2062X072 VE4014


KJ3007X1-EA1 12P2413X032

PROFIBUS DP Terminal Block



KL1720X1-BA1 Media Converter Carrier
KL1720X1-BB1 1-Port Single-Mode Media Converter
KL1720X1-BC1 1-Port Multi-Mode Media Converter
KJ1501X1-BC1 System Dual DC Power Supply
KJ1501X1-BC2 System Dual DC Power Supply
KJ1501X1-BC3 System Dual DC Power Supply
KJ1700X1-BA1 Media Converter
KJ1710X1-BA1 Single Port Fiber Switch
KJ1740X1-BA1 Four Port Fiber Switch
KJ2002X1-CA1 M5+ Controller
KJ2003X1-BA2 MD Controller
KJ2003X1-BB1 MD Plus Controller
KJ2004X1-BA1 Remote Interface Unit
KJ2005X1-BA1 MX Controller
KJ2201X1-BA1 Logic Solver - SLS 1508
KJ2201X1-HA1 Simplex SLS Terminal Block
KJ2201X1-JA1 Redundant SLS Terminal Block
KJ2221X1-BA1 SISNet Repeater
KJ2221X1-EA1 SISNet Repeater Carrier
KJ2222X1-BA1 SISNet Distance Extender
KJ2231X1-BA1 Auxiliary Relay ETA-Direct Module
KJ2231X1-BB1 Auxiliary Relay DTA-Direct Module
KJ2231X1-BC1 Auxiliary Relay Diode Module
KJ2231X1-EA1 SIS Relay Module
KJ2231X1-EB1 Voltage Monitor
KJ2231X1-EC1 End of Line Resistance Module
KJ2231X1-ED1 RC Compensator
KJ2231X1-EE1 SIS Current Limiter
KJ3001X1-BA1 DI, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Isolated Card
KJ3001X1-BB1 DI, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Dry Contact Card
KJ3001X1-BG1 DO, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Isolated Card
KJ3001X1-BJ1 DO, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, High Side Card
KJ3001X1-CA1 DI, 32-Channel, 24 VDC, Dry Contact Card
KJ3001X1-CB1 DO, 32-Channel, 24 VDC, High- Side Card
KJ3002X1-BA1 2-Wire AI, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA, HART Card
KJ3002X1-BA1 4-Wire AI, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA, HART Card
KJ3002X1-BB1 AO, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA Card
KJ3002X1-BC1 2-Wire AI, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA Card
KJ3002X1-BC1 4-Wire AI, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA Card
KJ3002X1-BD1 AI, 8-Channel, 1-5 VDC Card
KJ3002X1-BE1 AO, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA, HART Card
KJ3002X1-BF1 RTD Card
KJ3002X1-BG2 Thermocouple, mV Card
KJ3003X1-BA1 Serial Interface Card
KJ3003X1-EA1 Serial Interface Terminal Block
KJ3004X1-EA1 Fieldbus H1 Terminal Block
KJ3005X1-BA1 AS-i Card
KJ3006X1-BA1 Multifunction I/O Card
KJ3007X1-BA1 ProfibusDP Card
KJ3007X1-EA1 ProfibusDP Terminal Block
KJ3008X1-BA1 SOE Card
KJ3009X1-BA1 DeviceNet Card
KJ3201X1-BA1 DI, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Dry Contact Series 2 Card
KJ3201X1-EA1 Redundant Discrete Terminal Block
KJ3202X1-BA1 DO, 24 VDC, High-Side, Series 2 Card
KJ3203X1-BA1 DI, 32-Channel, 24 VDC Dry Contact Series 2 Card
KJ3204X1-BA1 DO, 32-Channel, 24 VDC High-Side Series 2 Card
KJ3206X1-BA1 Series 2 DI, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Isolated Card
KJ3208X1-BG1 Series 2 DO, 8-Channel, 24 VDC, Isolated Card
KJ3211X1-BA1 Series 2 SOE Card
KJ3212X1-BA1 Series 2 Multifunction I/O Card
KJ3221X1-BA1 AO, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA, HART Series 2 Redundant Card
KJ3221X1-EA1 Redundant Analog Output Terminal Block
KJ3222X1-BA1 AI, 8-Channel, 4-20 mA, HART Series 2 Redundant Card
KJ3222X1-EA1 Redundant Analog Input Terminal Block
KJ3223X1-BA1 2-Wire AI, 16-Channel, 4-20 mA Series 2 Card
KJ3223X1-EA1 16-Channel Analog Input Terminal Block
KJ3224X1-BA1 M-Series Thermocouple / mV Input Card
KJ3225X1-BA1 M-Series RTD / Resistance Input Card
KJ3231X1-BA1 Isolated Input Series 2 Card
KJ3241X1-BA1 Redundant Serial Interface Card
KJ3241X1-EA1 Redundant Serial Interface Terminal Block
KJ3242X1-BA1 Fieldbus H1 Series 2 Card
KJ3242X1-EA1 Fieldbus H1 Terminal Block (Simplex)
KJ3242X1-FA1 Fieldbus H1 Terminal Block (Redundant)
KJ3243X1-BA1 Series 2 ProfibusDP Card
KJ3243X1-BB1 Series 2 Plus Profibus DP Card
KJ3244X1-BA1 Series 2 DeviceNet Card
KJ4001X1-BA2 Power Controller 2 Wide Carrier
KJ4001X1-BA3 Power Controller 2 Wide Carrier
KJ4001X1-BB1 8 Wide I/O Carrier
KJ4001X1-BE1 8 Wide I/O Carrier with Shield Bar
KJ4001X1-BH1 2 Wide Power Carrier
KJ4001X1-CA1 I/O Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CB1 Fused I/O Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CC1 4-Wire Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CD1 10 Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CE1 16 Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CF1 24 Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CG1 Thermocouple Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CH1 RTD Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-CJ1 32 Channel Terminal Block
KJ4001X1-HA1 Horizontal LocalBus Cable Extender
KJ4001X1-JA1 I/O Switchover Panel
KJ4001X1-NA1 Horizontal LocalBus Dual Right Cable Extender
KJ4001X1-NB1 Horizontal LocalBus Dual Left Cable Extender
KJ4002X1-BA1 Left 8 Wide Vertical Carrier
KJ4002X1-BB1 Right 8 Wide Vertical Carrier
KJ4002X1-BC2 Top 4 Wide Vertical Carrier
KJ4002X1-BD2 Bottom 4 Wide Vertical Carrier
KJ4002X1-BE1 Top Extender Cable Assembly
KJ4002X1-BF1-4 Bottom Extender Cable Assembly
KJ4003X1-BA1-BB1 Left/Right 8 Wide VerticalPLUS Carrier
KJ4003X1-BC1 4 Wide VerticalPLUS Power/Controller Carrier
KJ4003X1-BD1 4 Wide VerticalPLUS SISNet Repeater Carrier
KJ4003X1-BE1-BF1 Right/Left 1 Wide VerticalPLUS Carrier Extender
KJ4003X1-BG1 4 Wide VerticalPLUS Power Carrier
KJ4003X1-BH1-BH2 VerticalPLUS Standard/Short Cable
KJ4010X1-BF1 Left LocalBus Extender Cable Assembly
KJ4010X1-BG1 Right LocalBus Extender Cable Assembly
KJ4020X1-BD1 Fieldbus Power Conditioner
KJ6001X1-BA2 Fieldbus H1 Carrier with Enclosure
KJ6001X1-CA2 Fieldbus H1 Carrier
KJ2005X1-MQ1 MQ Controller
KJ2005X1-SQ1 SQ Controller
KL1501X1-BA1 CSLS Power Module
KL1601X1-BA1 I/O Port (Copper)
KL1603X1-BA1 Safety Network Port (Copper)
KL1604X1-BA1 Safety Isolation Port (Copper)
KL2001X1-BA1 CHARMs Smart Logic Solver (CSLS)
KL2001X1-BB1 SZ Controller
KL2001X1-BC1 Local Safety Network Bridge
KL2001X1-BD1 Ethernet I/O Card
KL2101X1-BA1 CHARM I/O Card (CIOC)
KL2102X1-BA1 Wireless I/O Card (WIOC)
KL3002X1-BA1 DO 24 VDC High Side CHARM
KL3003X1-BA1 DI 24 VDC Dry Contact CHARM
KL3003X1-LS1 LS DI 24 VDC Dry Contact CHARM
KL3004X1-BA1 DO 24 VDC Isolated CHARM
KL3005X1-BA1 DI 24 VDC Isolated CHARM
KL3005X1-LS1 LS DI 24 VDC Isolated CHARM
KL3006X1-BA1 DO 100mA Energy Limited CHARM
KL3007X1-BA1 24 VDC Power CHARM
KL3007X1-LS1 LS 24 VDC Power CHARM
KL3023X1-BA1 AI 0-10V Isolated CHARM
KL3023X1-LS1 LS AI 0-10V Isolated CHARM
KL3031X1-BA1 RTD / Resistance Input CHARM
KL3031X1-LS1 LS RTD / Resistance Input CHARM
KL3032X1-BA1 Thermocouple / mV Input CHARM
KL3032X1-LS1 LS Thermocouple / mV Input CHARM
KL3302X1-BB1 LS DO 24V DTA Redundant CHARM
KL3302X1-BD1 LS DO 24V ETA Redundant CHARM
KL3322X1-BB1 LS DVC DTA Redundant CHARM
KL4001X1-BA1 SIS Controller Carrier
KL4001X1-BB1 Dual Universal Safety Carrier
KL4101X1-BA1 CHARM I/O Card (CIOC) Carrier
KL4102X1-BA1 Wireless I/O Card (WIOC) Carrier
KL4103X1-BA1 CHARMs Smart Logic Solver Carrier
KL4104X1-BA1 Dual Universal Carrier
KL4201X1-BA1 CHARM Baseplate
KL4302X1-CA1 Wireless I/O Card (WIOC) Redundant Term Block
KL4302X1-CA2 Wireless I/O Card (WIOC) Redundant Term Block
KL4501X1 CHARM Address Plugs
KL4502X1 CHARM Baseplate Accessories
KL4502X1-BA1 CHARM Standard Terminal
KL4502X1-DA1 CHARM Address Terminal
KL4502X1-EA1 CHARM Column Terminator, Bottom
KL4502X1-FA1 CHARM Column Terminator, Top
KL4502X1-LA1 CHARM Terminal, Fused
KL4502X1-MA1 CHARM Terminal, Relay
KL4502X1-NA1 CHARM Thermocouple/mV Terminal
KL4502X1-PA1 3-Wire DI Fused Injected Power Terminal Bock
KL4503X1 CHARM Column Extenders
KL4505X1-BA1 Redundant LS DO CHARM Terminal
KL4505X1-CA1 Redundant LS DVC CHARM Terminal
KL4505X1-DA1 Relay ETA LS DO CHARM Terminal
KL4505X1-EA1 Relay DTA LS DO CHARM Terminal
KL4505X1-FA1 LS DVC CHARM Terminal
KL4505X1-GA1 Relay DTA IP LS DO CHARM Terminal
KL1601X1-BA1 I/O Port (Copper)
KL2101X1-BA1 CHARM I/O Card (CIOC)
KL2102X1-BA1 Wireless I/O Card (WIOC)
KL3002X1-BA1 DO 24 VDC High Side CHARM
KL3004X1-BA1 DO 24 VDC Isolated CHARM
KL4503X1 CHARM Column Extenders
KJ1501X1-BK1 S-Series DC/DC System Power Supply
KJ2003X1-BK1 SD Plus Controller
KJ2005X1-BK1 SX Controller
KJ3201X1-BK1 S-Series DI 8-Channel NAMUR Card
KJ3202X1-BK1 S-Series DO 8-Channel 24 VDC High-Side Card
KJ3203X1-BK1 S-Series DI 32-Channel 24 VDC Dry Contact Card
KJ3204X1-BK1 S-Series DO 32-Channel 24 VDC High-Side Card
KJ3206X1-BK1 S-Series DI 8-Channel 24 VDC, Isolated Card
KJ3208X1-BK1 S-Series DO 8-Channel 24 VDC Isolated Card
KJ3211X1-BK1 S-Series Sequence of Events Card
KJ3212X1-BK1 S-Series Pulse Count Input Card
KJ3221X1-BK1 AO 8-Channel 4-20 mA HART Card
KJ3222X1-BK1 AI 8-Channel 4-20 mA HART Card
KJ3223X1-BK1 S-Series AI 16-Channel 4-20 mA HART Card
KJ3224X1-BK1 S-Series Thermocouple / mV Input Card
KJ3225X1-BK1 S-Series RTD / Resistance Input Card
KJ3231X1-BK1 S-Series Isolated Input Card
KJ3241X1-BK1 S-Series Serial Interface Card
KJ3242X1-BK1 S-Series Fieldbus H1 Card
KJ3243X1-BK1 S-Series Profibus DP Card
KJ3244X1-BK1 S-Series DeviceNet Card
KJ3245X1-BK1 S-Series AS-Interface (AS-i) Card
KJ3246X1-BA1 S-Series H1 with Integrated Power
KJ3246X1-CA1 S-Series H1 with Integrated Power Simplex Terminal Block
KJ3246X1-DA1 S-Series H1 with Integrated Power Redundant Terminal Block
KJ4005X1 S-Series System Carriers
KJ4006X1-BA1 S-Series Fieldbus H1 Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BB1 S-Series 8-Channel I/O Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BC1 S-Series Fused 8-Channel I/O Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BD1 S-Series Interface Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BE1 S-Series Thermocouple / mV Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BF1 S-Series Discrete 32-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BG1 S-Series AI 16-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BH1 S-Series Isolated Input Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BJ1 S-Series RTD / Resistance Input Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BK1 S-Series Redundant Interface Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BL1 S-Series AI 8-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BM1 S-Series 16-Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BN1 S-Series 24-Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BP1 S-Series 40-Pin Mass Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BQ1 S-Series Profibus DP Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BR1 S-Series Redundant Profibus DP Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BS1 S-Series Redundant AI 8-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BT1 S-Series Redundant AO 8-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BU1 S-Series Redundant Discrete 8-Channel Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BV1 S-Series Redundant H1 Fieldbus Terminal Block
KJ4006X1-BW1 S-Series DeviceNet Terminal Block

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