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Westinghouse Emerson Ovation Processor Module 5X00241G01

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Westinghouse Emerson Ovation Processor Module 5X00241G01

Large Image :  Westinghouse Emerson Ovation Processor Module 5X00241G01

Product Details:

Place of Origin: U.S.A.
Brand Name: Westinghouse
Certification: CE
Model Number: 5X00241G01

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 1-10000USD
Packaging Details: New and Original
Delivery Time: 5-8DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T PAYPAL
Supply Ability: 10
Detailed Product Description
Brand: Westinghouse Part Number: 5X00241G01
Condition: New In Box Operating Voltage: 24 (V)
Output Frequency: 30 (kHz) Place Of Origin: USA
High Light:

ethernet i o module


plc i o modules

Westinghouse Emerson Ovation Processor Module 5X00241G01




Condition: Used
Model: 5X00241G01
Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 4.75 x 6.50 x 2.00 in
SKU: R701403 (WP3-A)

Input Modules


Emerson 5X00241G01

Description: Remote I/O
Model Number: 5X00241G01
Category: Other
Warranty: 12 months
Delivery Options: Standard, Express, Same Day & Next Day options available


Manufactured by EMERSON

  • 5X00241G01
  • 2 - 15 DAY REPAIR



Product Details





  • Emerson Ovation HART Analog Input Module (5X00241G01)

  • Manufacturer: Emerson

  • Series: Ovation



Westinghouse DCS system description:
DCS is abbreviation of Distributed Control System, which is called Distributed Control System in China's domestic automatic control industry. It is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level as the link of communication network. It integrates computer Computer, Communication, CRT and Control 4C technology. The so-called distributed control system, or in some information called the distributed system, is a new type of computer control system relative to the centralized control system, which is based on the centralized control system developed, evolved Come on. It is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level with communication network as the link, which integrates 4C technology such as computer, communication, display and control. Its basic idea is decentralized control, centralized operation, hierarchical management, Configuration flexibility and configuration convenience. In terms of system functions, DCS and centralized control system is not very different, but in the realization of system functions are completely different, first of all, DCS skeleton - system network, which is the basis and core DCS. As the network for the DCS real-time system as a whole, reliability and scalability, plays a decisive role, so all manufacturers are carefully designed in this regard. For the DCS system network, it must meet the real-time requirements, that is, within a certain time limit to complete the transfer of information. The "definite" time limit here means that in any case, the transmission of information can be completed within this time limit, which is determined according to the real-time requirements of the controlled process. Therefore, the indicator that measures the performance of the system network is not the rate of the network, commonly referred to as the number of bits per second (bps), but the real-time nature of the system network, that is, how long to ensure that the required information is transmitted . The system network must also be very reliable, in any case, network communication can not be interrupted, so most manufacturers are DCS dual-bus, ring or dual star network topology. In order to meet the requirements of system expansion, the maximum number of nodes that can be accessed on the system network should be several times larger than the actual number of nodes. In this way, on the one hand, new nodes can be added at any time, and on the other hand, the system network can be operated at a light communication load to ensure the real-time and reliability of the system. In actual operation of the system, the access to and access to the Internet at various nodes may happen at any time, especially the operator station. In this way, the network reconfiguration will be carried out frequently, and this operation absolutely can not affect the normal operation of the system. Therefore, the system The network should have strong online network reconfiguration capabilities.
Westinghouse DCS system features:
Centralized management
Scattered control
High reliability
Flexible configuration
Configuration is convenient
Flexible control

1C31116G04 Ovation Emerson DCS         4256A25G01 / 1C31025G03 4256A64G02 / G50 4256A66G01
1B30035H01 Ovation Emerson DCS         4256A26G01 4256A64G05 4256A67G01
5X00109G02 Ovation DCS System         4256A41G01 4256A65G02 4256A84G03 / 3A99159G03
5X00106G01 Ovation DCS System         4256A41G01 4256A65G05 4256A88G04
1C31197G01 Ovation DCS System              
1C31194G01 Ovation DCS System         4256A91G03 4256A97G01 4A00081G01
1C31197G05 Ovation DCS System         4256A93G01 4256A98G01 4A00081H01
1C31194G03 Ovation DCS System         4256A94G01 4256A99G02 4D33613G01
1C31166G02 Ovation DCS System         4256A96G01 4626B58G03 4D33613G02
5X00270G01 Ovation DCS System         4256A96G02 4620B91G01 4D33644G02
5X00059G01 Ovation DCS System              
1C31179G02 Ovation DCS System         4D33755G04 4D33865G03 5A26391H03
1C31113G05 westinghouse ovation         4D33811G01 4D33913G01 5A26433H01
5X00489G01 westinghouse ovation         4D33811G02 4D33913G02 5A26434H01
1C31110G03 westinghouse ovation         4D33865G01 4D33916G01 5A26457G01
5X00300G01 westinghouse ovation         4D33865G02 5A23307H15 5A26458G01
1C31116G01 westinghouse ovation              
5X00419G02 westinghouse ovation         5A26458G01 5X00070G04 5X00121G01
5X00419G01 westinghouse ovation         5D32123G02 5X00105G07 7379A06G02
5X00167G01 westinghouse ovation         5D32191G01 5X00105G14 7379A21G01
1C31150G01 westinghouse ovation         5X00058G01 5X00117H03 7379A21G02 / 3A99164G02 / 3A99164G50
1X00188H01 westinghouse ovation         5X00059G01 5X00119G01 7379A29G01
5X00226G02 Ovation Controller              
1X00024H01 WH1-2FF Ovation Controller         7379A62G01 7379A92G02 7380A36G01
5X00105G14 Ovation Controller         7379A62G02 7379A92G02 7380A37G02
5X00121G01 Ovation Controller         7379A84G01 7379A92G03 7380A43G01
1C31116G01 Ovation Controller         7379A89G01 7379A93G01 7380A51G01
1C31110G03 Ovation Controller         7380A92G04 7380A29G03 7380A70G02
5X00489G01 Ovation Controller              
1C31116G04 Ovation Controller         7381A01G01 / 772B388G01 7381A10G03 7381A34G02
1C31197G01 Ovation Controller         7381A01G02 / 773B388G21 7381A28G02 7381A61G01
1C31233G04 Ovation Controller         7381A01G03 7381A29G01 7381A61G02
1C31142G01 Ovation Control System         7381A01G04 / 772B388G51 7381A29G05 7381A73G01
1X00102H01 Ovation Control System         7381A08G01 / 772B400G04 7381A34G01 7381A81G01
5X00300G01 Ovation Control System              
5X00419G01 Ovation Control System         772B217G02 772B387G01 4256A90G01
5X00419G02 Ovation Control System         772B379G01 / 7380A27H01 772B450G01 4256A90G02
IC31224G01 Ovation Control System         772B379G01 772B450G02 4256A91G01
1C31222G01 Ovation Control System         9690A38G38 772B452G01 4256A91G02
5X00109G02 Ovation Control System              
1C31219G01 Ovation Control System         7379A31G01 7380A72G01 4D33644G04
1C31194G01 Ovation Control System         7379A31G02 / 3A99165G02 7380A78G01 4D33644G06
1P00028G01 EMERSON OVATION DCS         7379A31G03 / 3A99165G03 / 3A99165G50 7380A84H01 4D33645G05
1C31223G01 EMERSON OVATION DCS         7379A31G04 7380A92G02 4D33743G01
5X00070G04 EMERSON OVATION DCS         7379A31G05 7380A92G03 4D33755G01


Westinghouse DCS distributed control system applications:

Thermal power plant, petrochemical, chemical, steel, metallurgy, nuclear power and other industries

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